Life Insurance and Protection Planning

Most people insure their homes, cars, recreational vehicles but forget to insure the main source of income (themselves) to pay for it all in case of an unforseen event such as death or disability, .

The thought of dying or even dealing with death at times stops people from facing this eminent possibility therefore waiting for the inevitable to take place and then coping with it.

Unfortunately it is not that simple when it comes to life and health protection. The probability of someone becoming disabled rather than dying before the age of 65 has been proved to be much higher.  Without the proper plan in place, people can easily spend all their hard earned money to attend to unexpected occurrences in their lives or the lives of their loved one.

Some of the benefits of life insurance are: Tax Free Settlements, Probate Avoidance,Retirement Savings, Disability Riders for Chronic, Critical and Terminal Illness) and final expenses funds at death.

As a Financial Advisor and Licensed Insurance Agent, I educate my clients on the advantages and disadvantages of each type of life insurance and help them make the final decision based on needs analysis and affordability.

On the business side of Protection Planning I can also offer Executive Bonus programs, Key Man insurance, assist with Cross Purchase agreements, Entity Purchase agreements, Buy Sell Agreements, Suplemental Employee Retirement Plans (SERP) and more.

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