Retirement Planning


Some of us realize sooner than others the importance of preparing for an eventual retirement by addressing future financial needs early in our wage earning careers instead of waiting for a better day when money will possibly become available to address such needs.

Unfortunately the older we become, the shorter is the time necessary to accumulation the financial resources to deal with retirement needs (nest egg), possible disability needs, shortage of income due to job loss or even college savings needs for our children and grandchildren. 

Upon completing a detailed personal financial analysis and budget, we can then evaluate and set realistic goals, formulate a best strategy to address your needs based on affordability, implement the strategy and monitor it on a regular basis and adjusting it to your particular life events.

If your business or place of employment does not have or offer Qualified Retirement Plan such as a 401K, 403b, 457, SEP, SIMPLE, Defined Benefit plans, Defined Contribution plans or if you need to set up your own business retirement plan, I can show you various alternatives on these Qualified Plans as well as Non-Qualified plans where as an employer, you can choose who to provide such benefits while complying with state and federal requirements.

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